Storm Water Damage Debris Removal and Update

Dear Residents,

Roll-Off Dumpsters:  City Staff are working to deploy roll-off dumpsters for items that were damaged by the recent storm waters.  The dumpsters will be placed in the parking lot of the baseball fields at the intersection of S State St and E 2nd St.  We will put out an update as soon as we have a specific time for when they will be placed.

Storm Water Removal Efforts/Pumps:  It has been brought to City Staffs attention that there are rumors going on through town that one of our storm water pumps were broken before the storms came through last week.  I wanted to assure our Residents that this was not the case.  The pump did fail during use over the weekend due to what appears to be an internal seal failure.  After the failure, Public Works Staff as well as several volunteers worked tirelessly through the overnight to rotate our remaining pumps to various locations in town to ensure all that could be done to prevent water damage was being done.  City Staff are diligently working to repair the pump to full working order and in the mean time we have borrowed several smaller pumps from a neighboring community to supplement any additional need.

Summary:  City Staff does recognize that there are many of you who have been affected by the storm water damages.  Please understand that we are doing everything possible to help provide aid to our Residents in response to this natural disaster.  However, even with our efforts and due to the shear amount of rainfall we received in such a short amount of time we could not prevent storm water damage from occurring.  Through many of your efforts to reach-out and report residential damages to City Hall, we were able to forward that information to our County Emergency Management which helped to have Jasper County included in the disaster declaration area.  Please see the other posts on this website and our City Facebook Page for more information regarding the Disaster Case Management program information.

Thank you for your patience while we work through this disaster and clean-up.  Please contact us at City Hall if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Joe Bartello
Chief of Police/City Administrator