City Requests Nationwide Lead Service Line Inventory Assistance

To meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements regarding the nationwide private Lead Service Line Inventory, the City Public Works department will be sending a mailer to all residents and businesses requesting your assistance in identifying the type of water pipe extending to your dwelling or building and located throughout the dwelling or building by completing information on the reverse side of the mailer and returning it to City Hall located at 203 E Jefferson St by Friday, March 29, 2024. Residents and business owners may also use the other response options identified in the mailer to communicate the type of pipe material in your dwelling or building to the city by the deadline.

MidAmerican Vegetation Management

In order to provide Prairie City with safe and reliable electric service, contracted tree trimming crews working for MidAmerican Energy Company will be clearing tree limbs from our electric facilities in our community. The area where the work will be performed is shown on the attached map. MidAmerican has also provided a tree trim brochure for review.

This work is tentatively scheduled to begin within the next week. Approximately two days prior to trimming, all affected properties will receive a courtesy telephone call.  Immediately before work begins, crews will knock on the door of the affected property and explain what work is needed.  

Open House February 29, 2024 to discuss upcoming water projects.

Letters are being mailed to city residents regarding an Open House to discuss the plans for the Phase 2 water project and the Sherman St and Jefferson St water project. The open house is Thursday, February 29, 2024, from 5-7pm at the Community Building and hosted by City staff and MSA Engineering staff. Questions should be directed to City Hall at 515-994-2649. For a copy of the mailed notification, click here and for the updated Phase 2 map.

Terracon taking core samples around Garden Square area January 2.

Terracon is planning to take core samples from E Jefferson St and part of S Main St on January 2, 2024, for the proposed future street reconstruction project. According to a Terracon rep, they have a ‘rig’ that is the size of a small tractor and a pick-up truck that will be parked back-to-back during the drilling operation. The streets will remain open during this work so please be cautious around the workers.

Temporary Walk to School route during upcoming construction project.

Due to a residential construction project planned north of the school, City staff and School District staff worked together to establish the following temporary walk route to the school:

  • Utilize the bike trail to S Marshall St
  • South on S Marshall St, crossing 2nd Ave at the crossing guard
  • West on E South St
  • South on S Main Street
  • East through the Community Park
  • Cross S State St at the existing crossing guard location to access the school property.

Thank you for your cooperation and please contact the City Administrator at City Hall at 515-994-2649 with questions.