Public Notice: Prairie City Park Board

PUBLIC NOTICE: The following areas within the Prairie City Parks has had its access codes changed as part of our annual maintenance procedures and to enhance security to our facilities:


  • City Fields: Doors padlocked with key, Shed lockbox code for key
  • Batting Cage Shed: Door code
  • Soccer Concession Stand: Lockbox code
  • East Shed at Complex: Door code and bathrooms
  • Middle Concession at Complex: Door code and bathrooms
  • Buffalo Entry Park: Bathrooms


If there is a need to gain access or be provided the code or key to any of these areas for equipment or general use, please contact the Prairie City Park Board at, call City Hall at 515.994.2649, contact any Park Board Member (Natalie Owens, Scott Steenhoek, Tami Ford, Brent Berger, Tom Schendel) or Public Works.


The codes are available to anyone needing access but are to be distributed on a ‘need to know’ basis only.  Please don’t pass along the information but instead direct anyone to the contacts listed above.


Thanks for your cooperation!


Prairie City Park Board

Prairie City Police Department