City Administration

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Jerry Moore, City Administrator

The City Administrator is appointed by City Council. Responsibilities of this position include:

  • Makes recommendations and provides guidance regarding future planning for the city including capital improvements, financing, equipment, staff, economic development and operational needs.
  • Oversees City Code development and enforcement, planning and zoning compliance, and the daily operation of city government, in coordination with the Mayor and City Council.
  • Responsible for the supervision and actions of all city employees and use of city owned property and equipment.
  • Evaluates community needs and desires and provides qualified and quality direction and guidance for the community as a whole.


Christie Busby, City Clerk and Finance Officer
The City Clerk/Finance Officer is appointed by City Council. Responsibilities of this position include:

  • Keeping the official record of Council proceedings.
  • Maintaining Prairie City’s official records and receiving legal documents on behalf of Prairie City.
  • Overseeing purchasing and payroll activities.
  • Developing and maintaining systems of internal control to safeguard Prairie City’s financial assets.
  • Assisting the City Administrator and elected officials in developing the annual budget.


Janet Lewis, Utility Billing Clerk
Responsibilities of the Utility Billing Clerk include:

  • Preparing customer utility bills.
  • Creating and maintaining billing records and other utility documents.
  • Handles reservations for the Community Building, Garden Square and park shelter.
  • Coordinating and managing customer service requests.


City staff can also be contacted through City Hall at 515-994-2649.