City Administration

 Click here for the Organizational Chart of the City of Prairie City

Lori Martin, City Administrator
The City Administrator is responsible for coordinating city resources and personnel to provide necessary services to the citizens of the community and to administer policies as adopted by the elected officials of the City of Prairie City.  Some of the responsibilities of the City Administrator are:

  • Developing and recommending policies, plans and projects to the City Council for consideration.
  • Coordinating activities and communications between city departments.
  • Assists the City Council in developing an annual budget by coordinating the collection of departmental information relating to capital improvements, staffing and facilities.
  • Coordinating budget review meetings and public meetings.
  • Resolves complaints, problems or concerns with city services, programs or policies by meeting with the public to clarify concerns and coordinate city efforts to correct issues.
  • Cooperate with, assist and advise administrative agencies, City Boards and commissions. Act as City Council’s liaison and representative to such entities.



Cindy Kane, City Clerk and Finance Officer
The City Clerk/Finance Officer is appointed by City Council. Responsibilities of this position include:

  • Preparing the agenda for City Council meetings.
  • Keeping the official record of Council proceedings.
  • Maintaining Prairie City’s official records and receiving legal documents on behalf of Prairie City.
  • Overseeing purchasing and payroll activities.
  • Developing and maintaining systems of internal control to safeguard Prairie City’s financial assets.
  • Assisting the City Administrator and elected officials in developing the annual budget.



Emily Voeller, Utility Billing Clerk
Responsibilities of the Utility Billing Clerk include:

  • Preparing customer utility bills.
  • Creating and maintaining billing records and other utility documents.
  • Calculating deposit refunds.
  • Coordinating and managing customer service requests.
  • Managing day-to-day operations at City Hall.


City staff can also be contacted through City Hall at 515-994-2649.