Hydrant Flushing scheduled to begin next week, April 15, 2024

4/15/2024 **UPDATE IN SCHEDULE** In an effort to prevent unnecessary water loss, Public Works has taken the water tower offline to be cleaned on Tuesday April 16th prior to flushing hydrants, which will now likely begin on Thursday April 18th after the tower has been refilled.


4/11/24 NOTICE – Please see the Hydrant Flushing Schedule Map and the Street Group Listing for details on when each area within the city will be affected. It is recommended during the hydrant flushing process that residents do not wash white clothes as it can cause stains and it is recommended to withhold washing whites for a few days after flushing is completed. Public Works staff plans on starting next Monday April 15, 2024 and should be done by April 26th. If the schedule changes, a notice will be posted.