Water services are provided through the City of Prairie City. For questions, concerns, or to set up this service, contact City Hall at 515-994-2649.

Prairie City has some of the cleanest, safest water in the United States. And because our water is naturally clean, treatment costs are minimal.

Due to the purity of our water, Prairie City consistently meets and surpasses drinking water quality standards. Prairie City also runs daily tests on water and wastewater quality.

Click here to read the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

Waste Water
The City of Prairie City is currently building a new $4.3 million wastewater treatment plant with the capacity to treat 2.28 million gallons of wastewater per day. With a larger, more modern treatment facility, Prairie City will be better able to accommodate its growing population as well as comply with regulations put in place by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

For more information about the new wastewater treatment facility, contact City Hall at 515-994-2649.