HomeServe and Service Line Warranties and City of Prairie City Partnership

The City of Prairie City teamed up with HomeServe and affiliated Service Line Warranties to offer private water and sanitary sewer repair services directly to residents. HomeServe’s program is also supported by the Iowa League of Cities and the National League of Cities.

Residents in Prairie City will be contacted soon directly by HomeServe via a letter in the mail and will have the opportunity to enter into a service agreement directly with HomeServe to address potential needed future repairs to broken or leaking private water and sanitary sewer lines located outside of the dwelling that residents are responsible for.

Key Program features include the following:

  1. The service agreement is between residents and HomeServe.
  2. Residents pay a monthly fee for potential future needed repairs to their water and sanitary sewer lines outside of the dwelling.
  3. If the resident’s issue is covered, the program pays up to $8500 per occurrence.
  4. Customers are provided with a 24/7/365 repair phone line staffed with live agents.
  5. All repairs are performed by local licensed and insured contractors in accordance with City regulations.

Please contact City Hall staff with any additional questions about the HomeServe program at 515-994-2649.