Blacktop Services Co street project scheduled to begin this week, Oct 26th!

Blacktop Services Co is scheduled to be working on street improvements within the City of Prairie City beginning Oct 26th until the projects are complete. Orange traffic cones and/or barricades will be set up in the work zone areas during construction at the following street locations: 

Washington Street: Between N Main St and N Marshall St

W Sixth St: From N Madison intersection and going west 105′ to first driveway

W Sixth St: At far west end at cul-de-sac and then east approx 123′ (past manhole)

Orchard St: Between 8th St and 9th St from house #505 to #606. May be closed half the day

S Madison St & McMurray Intersection: North and south of this intersection at 146′ and McMurray intersection

E North St: From Christian Reformed Church entrance, then east 693′ to end of sealcoat. Includes N Neeley and N Dewey intersections

W North St: From N West St, then east 61′

East St: From E Jefferson and south to the end of street. Street may be closed half the day

E Fifth St: From N Marshall intersection, then east 109′ on north half of E Fifth St

E South St: From S State St, the west 112′ to first driveway

Road Construction signs will be set up for the above stated areas on E North St, W North St, E South St, and on Washington St, if necessary. One lane will be kept open during construction except on East St and Orchard St sections that may be closed for a few hours or overnight.